1. A female patient has 12 skin tags on her neck that she would like removed. Physician uses ligature strangulation to remove them.
    2. A 25-year-old male burn victim was treated for debridement and dressings for partial-thickness burns covering most of his arm.
    4. A 35-year-old female patient undergoes an excisional breast biopsy of the breast. The radiologist places the preoperative needle guide wire, and the surgeon performs the excisional biopsy, removing one suspicious lesion. Code for the surgeon.
    5. Medicare patient with a laceration on the right elbow presents to the ED. The laceration was repaired with Dermabond tissue adhesive
    6. A 63-year-old patient is seen by her primary care physician to have four corns removed from the bottom of patient's foot.
    7. Six solar keratosis lesions on the patient's legs and feet were destroyed by laser.
    9. Mohs surgery is performed on a 50-year-old male with squamous cell carcinoma of the neck. The tumor is excised and tissue is divided into two tissue blocks.
    10. Patient has a 14 sq cm dehisced wound on her abdomen and a 13 sq cm dehisced wound on her thigh. Debridement of the subcutaneous tissue is performed on both sites.
    12. Patient presents with a 1 cm wound on the forehead, a 1 cm wound on the cheek, and a 1.5 cm wound on the nose. A simple closure is performed for each wound.
    14. Patient sees her physician for a puncture aspiration of a cyst on her finger. A pressure dressing is then applied. Code for the puncture aspiration.
    1. Patient suffered burns on the trunk, arm, and leg. Surface area, including burn eschar, was excised from these areas. Excision of trunk measured 50 sq cm, arm measured 10 sq cm, and leg measured 20 sq cm. A split-thickness skin graft was then placed on each of the areas.
    3. A 17-year-old female sees her dermatologist with three dark lesions on her mid abdomen. The physician performs a punch biopsy on each lesion after administering local anesthesia.
    8. Female patient presents for skin tattooing today after having had a breast reconstruction recently without nipple reconstruction. The tattoo measured 4.0 sq. cm.
    11. Patient has an abscess of the lower eyelid. An incision is made in the abscess and it is allowed to drain.
    13. Patient complains of pain and a growth that weeps fluid above the cleft on his buttocks. He is diagnosed with a pilonidal cyst. A simple incision and drainage is performed with normal wound care.