3. During a diagnostic colonoscopy, the prep is incomplete and the scope cannot be advanced past the splenic flexure. Assign the correct code.
    4. A very large, deep laceration to the middle of patient’s tongue measured 3.0 cm in width and required a complex repair. Assign the CPT code.
    5. CPT code for laparoscopic placement of an adjustable restrictive gastric band and port components.
    6. An insulin-dependent diabetic with severe secondary complications qualifies for a pancreas transplant. Assign the CPT code for transplantation of the pancreatic allograft.
    9. CPT code for a McKeown esophagectomy performed on a patient with locally advanced esophageal cancer.
    10. Repair of a reducible recurrent incisional hernia is performed with implantation of mesh. Assign the CPT codes.
    11. An abscess is drained from the patient’s palate by puncturing the abscess pocket and aspirating the pus. What is the procedure code?
    12. CPT code for restruction of internal hemorrhoids using thermal energy.
    13. A therapeutic colonoscopy is performed and does not reach the cecum or colon-small intestine anastomosis. Which modifier should be appended to the CPT code?
    14. A 10-year-old girl has her tonsils and adenoids removed. Assign the CPT code.
    15. A patient with squamous cell carcinoma of the vermilion is seen for a vermilionectomy. Assign the CPT code.
    1. Patient with an existing nasogastric feeding tube is seen for repositioning from the stomach to the duodenum. Assign the CPT code.
    2. A diagnostic transoral esophagoscopy using a flexible endoscope is performed with biopsy forceps to obtain two tissue samples.
    4. Procedure code for replacement of a gastrojejunostomy tube.
    5. CPT code for a reconstructive procedure of the lip called the Abbe-Estalander is performed, with reconstruction using a local flap, otherwise known as an Estlander or fan flap
    7. Excision of anal polyp was performed though anoscopy by use of hot biopsy forceps. Assign the procedure code.
    8. CPT code for surgical removal of a Meckel's diverticulum, a congenital pouch on the wall of the small bowel.
    10. A secondary palatoplasty was performed for cleft palate which involves a major revision.
    12. CPT code for gallbladder removal by laparoscopic technique.
    14. CPT code for an appendectomy performed on a patient with a ruptured appendix with abscess.